Does regular maintenance on my air conditioner make a difference? YES! The leading cause of air conditioner failures are maintenance related issues. Stay cool this summer and save energy with a 30 Point Precision Tune Up & Cleaning by our Certified Technicians.

What Happens If I Don’t Properly Maintain My A/C System?

1. Decreased Comfort: Dust & Dirt make it harder to remove excess moisture and heat. Humid House
2. Waste: Your A/C unit will run longer cycles to cool. Your home.Cost Extra $
3. Breakdowns: Dirt interferes with your A/C’s air flow. And electronics causing extra strain & heat load. Costly Repairs $$
4. Shorted Life: Longer run cycles and the high Heat/strain will drastically shorten the units life.Costly Replacement $$$

Our A/C Cleaning & Precision Tune Up Will:

  • Increase Comfort
  • Save Money & Energy
  • Prevent Breakdowns
  • Extend Lifespan

Get All Your Home Maintenance In 2020 For Only $99!


A Word From The Owner

Unfortunately, I have found over the years that most A/C cleanings by others are performed very poorly and cost homeowners dearly.

You can count on Integrity to provide you with a thorough and professional tune up by a certified technician. I know you will be thrilled with the level of service you receive.

-John Jordon

Key Factors in OUR Tune Ups

  1. Compressed Air Cleaning on Electronic Components. (A critical Step to minimize costly repairs.)
  2. Chemical Coil Cleaning. (HUGE in efficiency.)
  3. Proper Sub Cool & Super Heat Testing. (Could save you $100’s on your electric bill.)