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Are you prepared for the summer heat wave? How about your air conditioning system? When the dog days of summer are upon us, you are going to want to face them down with an air conditioning unit from Integrity Heating & Cooling, Inc. Air conditioning maintenance is one of the surest means of a “preventative” action you can take in assuring that your air conditioning unit is operating at optimum levels! We will send an air conditioning contractor out to your home to assess your air conditioning unit. If we determine that it is struggling, we will repair it or replace it. Whatever needs to be done in order to get you to have the kind of cooling you will need here in the Midwest, Integrity Heating & Cooling, Inc. will make it happen. Integrity Heating & Cooling, Inc. also has an air conditioning maintenance plan to sidetrack those breakdowns and extend the life of your air conditioning system. This is why we have been hearing from our customers in Highland. They want to make sure that they don’t get caught in without air conditioning in hot and humid weather. To circumvent costly and unforeseen repair bills, have Integrity Heating & Cooling, Inc. take over the care and maintenance of your air conditioning unit to lower cooling costs and keep your air conditioning humming happily!

Highland Air Conditioning

Highland, Indiana is in Lake County and is part of the Chicago Metropolitan Area. It is surrounded by Hammond to the north, Schererville to the south, Griffith to the east and Munster to the west. Michael and Judith Johnston were Highland’s first settlers. Slowly the town expanded in the 1880s, and finally, in 1910, Highland was incorporated. The community has been subject to flooding, especially in the spring. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 there were significant floods. The population of Highland is approximately 24,000 residents with nearly 10,000 households and almost 7,000 family households. The median household income for Highland is slightly about $60,000 while the median income for a family is almost $72,000. Although the nearest airport to Highland is the Gary International, Highland’s citizens usually choose to travel from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport or Chicago Midway International Airport. Furthermore, when they need air conditioning service, Highland residents select Integrity Heating & Cooling, Inc. as their air conditioning professionals of choice!

Highland AC Repair

Integrity Heating & Cooling, Inc. is able to save you considerable money on repairs and replacements if you invest in our air conditioning preventative maintenance. Although you may not be able to financially afford a brand new air conditioning system right now, let Integrity Heating & Cooling, Inc. show you how our air conditioning maintenance can extend the life of your air conditioning system. When you consider that approximately half of your monthly energy costs are due to air conditioning, you are going to want to keep your air conditioning unit in tip top shape. For more than 16 years, Integrity Heating & Cooling, Inc. has been the place to go for all your air conditioning needs. We believe no one should have to spend their days in a hot and stuffy house. We will get your air conditioning unit repaired fast and fixed right at a price you can afford. To learn more about our efficient and effective air conditioning service, call Integrity Heating & Cooling, Inc. today. We will have you basking in a nice cool and comfortable home before you know it!

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