HE Plus 1400/2000 Electronic Whole-House Air Cleaners

Product Highlights:

  • The Strongest, Most Reliable Power Supply and the Sturdiest Cell in the Industry – Recognized by Dealers Nationwide
  • Forever Filter® Never Needs Replacing – Just Clean and Reuse
  • Connects Directly to Heating or Cooling System
  • Permanent, Washable Aluminum Collection Cells Deliver Longer Service Life and are Easy-To-Clean
  • Greater Overall HVAC System Efficiency Because Units Keep Cooling Coils Clean (more details at http://www.bluonenergy.com)
  • Electronic Airflow Sensor – Standard on HE Plus1400/2000 Models. Automatically Senses Air Movement within the Duct, Resulting in Reduced

Power Usage

  • Built-In Internal Fuse Protects the 24v Transformer in the Event of a Power Supply Failure
  • In The Event Of A Power Supply Failure All Units are Ul/C-Ul
  • Listed and are Easily Converted To 240v
  • Rugged Cabinet Construction for Long Life
  • Optional Charcoal After-Filter Reduces Common Household Odor
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