Plymouth Steam II Standing Pilot Gas-Fired Boilers

Part Number: PVSB Series
Manufacturer: Dunkirk

  • Assembled boiler with insulated jacket
  • Two 2-1/2″ supply tappings and two 2-1/2″ return tappings
  • Integral draft diverter – built into jacket
  • Pressure limit control
  • Electronic probe-type low water cut-off
  • Flame rollout safety shut-off fuse link and blocked vent safety shut-off switch with spare fuse link included
  • Sight glass water level gauge
  • Steam pressure gauge
  • 15 lb ASME Pop safety valve
  • Two 2-1/2″ square head pipe plugs
  • Vent damper
  • Completely installed and wired gas control systems with burners and manifold consisting of:
    • Titanium composite burners
    • Automatic redundant combination gas valve, 24 volt
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