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Trust Integrity for reliable water heater repair in Bolingbrook

Don’t let Bolingbrook winters catch you off guard when it comes to the comforts of warm water and a properly functioning residential water heater in your home. At Integrity Heating and Cooling of Bolingbrook, IL we care about providing reliable water heater repair and maintenance. Our trustworthy and friendly team of fully-trained EPA certified technicians are committed to providing the people of Bolingbrook with incredible water heater repair service. 

For all of your water heater repair and maintenance in the greater Bolingbrook area, look no further than the experts at Integrity. Our specialists are committed to providing you with the best service for gas water heaters and electric water heaters - guaranteed.

Trust Integrity for reliable water heater repair in Bolingbrook


FAQs: Water Heater Repairs for Bolingbrook Home & Business Owners

Does Integrity provide 24-hour water heater repairs for emergency cases in Bolingbrook?

Our 24-hour HVAC service guarantee means that we will respond to your emergency call and send out a technician to repair your electric or gas hot water heater within 24 hours, for both commercial and residential cases. In the event that we can't make residential repairs in that timeframe, we’ll be happy to arrange hotel accommodations for you and your family. Your comfort is our priority!

What are common residential hot water heater issues?

It is common and normal for the water in a water heater tank to cause corrosion over time, resulting in small cracks in the water heater, for both gas and electric units. These cracks are one of the reasons why water heaters leak. These leaks could also be caused by a faulty or stuck temperature valve, overheating, loose bolts, or a bad gasket. Other common problems include a quicker-than-usual loss of hot water, complete lack of hot water, long wait times for water to become hot, low water pressure, discolored water, or noise coming from your gas or electric hot water heater.  

If you see a water leak, see discolored water, are experiencing inconsistencies in temperature, or are concerned about the age of your water heater, call Integrity to schedule a maintenance check-up or emergency repair of your unit. Our professionals are dedicated to finding the source of your hot water heater repairs and providing quick, affordable solutions.

What are some warning signs that I need to schedule a water heater repair for my home or commercial space?

There are several warning signs that a residential or commercial water heater is failing and in need of repair. Water that is murky or has a metallic smell are signs that there are mineral deposits or rust inside the water heater. The mineral deposits that cause the murky water are a sign of buildup that can clog water flow and damage your water heater and the rust is caused by corrosion. Corrosion rust can lead to leaks, which is another sign that your residential water heater needs emergency repair. Varying water temperature and running out of hot water faster than expected are early signs that water heater repair or replacement is needed. Hearing popping noises from your gas or electric water heater may be a sign that it could be close to failing. If you are experiencing any of these issues, give an emergency call to Bolingbrook’s Integrity so that they can determine whether or not your water heater can be repaired or if you will need an emergency water heater replacement.

Is there anything that can extend the life of a home or commercial water heater?

While Bolingbrook’s water tests in the moderate range of the hard water scale, any hardness in your home or commercial space water can cause mineral build-up, which over time will cause damage or inefficiency to your water heater. Using a water softener or having a technician flush your electric or gas water heater unit to remove sediment is something that should be scheduled at least once a year. Regularly scheduled hot water heater maintenance can extend the life of your water heater. Once a water heater unit becomes out-dated, it becomes less efficient, which means spending more money to make repairs. By scheduling an emergency appointment with Integrity, you can determine if your water heater needs repairs or if a water heater replacement is the better solution.

What should I do if I’m experiencing trouble with my water heater?

Give Integrity an emergency call right away with your electric or gas water heater repair or replacement concerns. Our highly-qualified EPA certified technicians are trained to troubleshoot and repair or replace your home or commercial hot water heater as quickly as possible. We offer 24-hour guarantees for emergency repair service of water heater issues. If we are unable to repair a residential water heater within that time period, we’ll book you a hotel stay while we work to solve your problem. Comfort is key, and Integrity cares about your comfort.

Does Integrity provide residential water heater repairs in Bolingbrook?

Absolutely! Integrity’s trained technicians are certified to make your residential water heater repairs. We are Bolingbrook’s leading experts in water heater repair. Whether you're looking for routine maintenance for your electric water heater or are in need of emergency gas water heater repairs, trust us for convenient and efficient service.

Does Integrity provide commercial water heater repairs for Bolingbrook businesses?

Integrity is dedicated to servicing both gas and electric hot water heater repairs and water heater replacement - in residential and commercial settings. If you are experiencing emergency water heater issues, need routine maintenance, or are looking to replace or upgrade your water heater for your commercial property, call Integrity of Bolingbrook to schedule an appointment. Our EPA-certified technicians are committed to providing excellent service for your residential and commercial hot water heater needs.

What kinds of water heaters does Integrity specialize in repairing?

Integrity Heating & Cooling of Bolingbrook, IL specializes in the following:

  • Gas water heater repairs 
  • Electric water heater repairs 

In Bolingbrook, we are the leading company for gas and electric water heater repair services for both residential and commercial properties. We service and repair Navien, Rheem, and A.O. Smith, which are the leading manufacturers for gas, electric, tankless, hybrid, and solar water heaters. Regardless of the brand of water heater you currently have in your residential or commercial setting, Integrity guarantees prompt and reliable service for your emergency repair or replacement of standard and high efficiency water heater units.

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Our Guarantees

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Two year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

  • EPA certified technicians

    Integrity only uses factory-trained, EPA certified technicians. Subcontractors are never used.


    Integrity will replace your entire furnace unit for NO CHARGE if your heat exchanger fails within 25 years of the installation date.

  • 24 hour HVAC Service Guarantee

    24 hour HVAC Service Guarantee: we will respond to your call and repair your heating or cooling problem within 24 hours, or we will put you in a hotel for the night.


Promotions: Schedule your free in-home estimate for gas or electric water heater repair in Bolingbrook

Integrity is here to meet all of your residential and commercial heating and cooling needs - whether you’re looking for a water heater repair for your Bolingbrook home or are having a hot water emergency. We provide free in-home estimates and excellent HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) customer service. We strive to provide the Bolingbrook and surrounding areas with affordable, convenient, top-notch regular and emergency service from EPA Certified technicians. Save now on your maintenance and repair by setting up a free in-home estimate.

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Choose Integrity - the best in water heater repair services

There’s no need to look elsewhere for your routine residential or commercial water heater repairs and emergencies. Integrity has served the Bolingbrook area for years, and in that time we’ve built a reputation for being the top HVAC company that can be depended upon for timeliness, reliability, and professionalism when serving our customers. 

Integrity understands that your comfort is top priority - especially when it comes to emergency AC or hot water heater repair. We offer competitive rates, and reasonably-priced service of your residential or commercial boilers, A/C, and furnaces. 

Trust Integrity Heating & Cooling for HVAC-related needs. Call now to find out how we can help you to maintain your gas water heater or electric heater, or contact us today to schedule emergency services of your electric, gas, or hot water heater unit!

Choose Integrity - the best in water heater repair services

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Integrity is 100% committed to its customers

Why choose Integrity for your residential or commercial water heater repair and HVAC services? When it comes to trustworthiness, transparency, and commitment to excellent customer service, Integrity is the clear choice. 

Integrity has proven to be a leader in both residential and commercial hot water repair, which is why property owners in the Bolingbrook area can trust that they will receive top-notch service from committed, professional, highly-trained technicians. From emergency hot water heater repairs in Bolingbrook homes to routine check-ups of your gas, electric, or hot water heating unit, customer satisfaction is Integrity’s top priority because we care about our customers.

Integrity is 100% committed to its customers


Integrity is equipped for any water heater repair, from gas to electric

Integrity Heating & Cooling has served the Bolingbrook area for years, and during that time we’ve built a reputation for being the top HVAC company that can be depended upon for timeliness and professionalism when serving our customers in regular and emergency scenarios. 

Our quality residential and commercial service includes: 

  • Emergency hot water heater repair - We offer 24-hour emergency service because we understand that your comfort is important. Trust our technicians to get your hot water heater back up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Gas water heater and electric water heater repair - In Bolingbrook, Integrity’s professionals are prepared to service your gas or electric water heater repairs. Bolingbrook homeowners, if your gas or electric water needs emergency replacement, we provide a two-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee for all commercial or residential water heater installations. 
  • Residential and commercial water heater repair - Having a properly operating water heating unit is important regardless of location. Integrity is equipped to provide electric water heater and gas hot water heater repairs and replacements in both residential and commercial settings. 

Integrity is equipped for any water heater repair, from gas to electric

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Customer REVIEWS

Customer REVIEWS
Andrew Ladd

Fast response to our furnace going out on a 20 degree day. Dennis was quick and knowledgeable and able to diagnose the issue quickly. Happy to recommend.

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Dianne Noibi

Integrity was easy to reach, they responded quickly with an appointment for service and the repair person was professional. They arrived on time and sent picture of the repairman. We have not used our AC yet because it has been cool since they were hear but we would highly recommend this company

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Norma Chavez

Integrity Heating installed both my heating and AC unit. I am pleased with the responsive, professional service and quality of work. Aaron and Juan are experts in their field and conducted their job professionally. It is because of the quality of service that a humidifier was recently purchased and installed at our home. Kudos to the overall Integrity team!

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